Congratulations to our 2017 winners!
1st place: Cathedral Chapel

2nd place: St. Francis Xavier, Burbank
Prayers for continued success at the state level, April 1, 2017:
Sacred Heart Parish School
856 39th St
Sacramento 95816



It is that time again to get ready for the Decathlon! Thankfully, we have been able to put a hold on the Walter Pyramid Center at Long Beach State for Sunday, March 5th. The managers of the Walter Pyramid Center were gracious in welcoming us and in working to meet our unique needs last year after we lost the LA Sports Arena as a venue. This venue will accommodate 105 decathlon teams.

The Walter Pyramid Center cannot host us on a Saturday due to their sporting program. Fortunately, we are blessed to celebrate Mass together at this event each year. Perhaps the decathletes and their teacher coaches can be granted a “Decathlon Holiday” for Monday, March 6th.

Registration for Decathlon 2017 begins October 10 and will be posted to wikispaces on that day. Study Guides are expected to be posted the first week in October:

New this year: All questions regarding the decathlon materials must be made through the archdiocesan coordinator, Carmen Garcia ( and directed to . Responses applying to the group will be posted on the wiki.

Due to our large size and the number of schools participating, ​ Los Angeles Archdiocese will not be participating in the OPTIONAL writing portion of the decathlon.

In response to the conversation at the Coaches Meeting in Orange County last Thursday, we would like to share the following information with you:

1. The 2015-2016 Logic Tests are the practice tests included in the 2016-2017 Logic Study Guide. The Logic Study Guide is available for purchase at

2. Yes, there are quizlet classes for each subject area this year. The quizlet classrooms are active and we've had some decathletes sign up already to use the quizlet site.

3. Perceived disconnect between Study Guide materials and Decathlon tests. Tests and study guides are written directly from the resource books, and therefore, are the resources to use for studying for the test.

4. There was a problem with the links to the news articles in the first Current Events list of articles. A number of the news sites we linked to archived the articles. We've made the first ETC study guide #1 for Current Events available for free to the decathletes to compensate for the difficulty in finding the articles. I've sent an email reply to those coaches who contacted us directly and posted the study guide and a message on the wikispaces page. From now on, we will post the articles as PDFs to the wikispaces page.

Thank you for your continued efforts for the students in our schools.

In Christ,

The 2017 Academic Junior High Decathlon Executive Committee

Mary Blair, Principal, St. Euphrasia School

Christina Fernandez-Caso, Principal, St. Teresa of Avila

Tina Kipp, Principal, Cathedral Chapel School

Carmen Vadillo-Garcia, Assistant Superintendent

Here are the registration forms for the 2017 Archdiocese of Los Angeles Academic Junior High Decathlon. Please download the files and return the registration forms.

School uniforms are required – this means that you may have a T-shirt, polo shirt, or AJHD school sweatshirt.

  1. The restriction on your school color is that it cannot be a neon color (The color palette of primary and secondary colors is a positive and recommended choice to make for all teams). Shirts must have mid-length sleeves. This means t-shirt or polo sleeve length. Tank top or sleeveless styles are prohibited.
  2. Text on the shirts is limited to your school name, your school mascot (i.e. St. Dymphna Lions), and the name(s) of your decathlon team member(s).
  3. Uniform school pants/skirts/skorts are required. Shorts are prohibited. Think “Mass Dress Uniform” and this will help all of your decathletes understand the dress code guidelines.
  4. Shoes must be “uniform type” (no flip flops, sandals, etc.). Shoes must be close-toed and backs.
There are no exceptions to the above. Decathletes should dress in a way that is respectful to all competitors.

Thank you one and all for your cooperation with the above policies. These were in place for the 2012 event and we received positive comments about a stricter “uniform” policy. We are proud of our schools and our decathletes and we are looking forward to a great 2015 event during the Year of Faith.

If you have a question regarding the Los Angeles Academic Junior High Decathlon event, registration, and general information, please contact Carmen Vadillo-Garcia at​.