News articles for the Current Events Individual Test come out at the end of each month, from September through January, and include information from multiple sources. For the Current Events Test, decathletes will be tested on their knowledge of the information and vocabulary from the news articles. Decathletes should also be familiar with the political leadership and location of countries mentioned in the news articles.

The complete study guides, including the news articles, review questions, vocabulary, worksheets, maps, and quizzes, are available for purchase at for $20.00. This is a subscription to the Current Events Study guides and will be added to each month through the month of January as new articles and study resources are developed.

For those who do not wish to purchase the complete study guide, the news articles are available for download in pdf format from the Academic Decathlon wikispaces page at Go to to request membership to the AJHD wikispaces page. Then click on the Current Events tab located on the left margin of the AJHD home page or go to for the list of news articles. Make sure to check back for additional issues at the end of each month.

Here is the first issue of the Current Events news articles. Click on the file name to download.

Here is the second issue of the Current Events news articles for the month of October. Click on the file name to download.

I have some basic questions in regards to the Current Events section. I have been downloading each of the study guides as we prepare.

1.) I noticed on quizlet that a lot of attention is paid to the vocabulary within each article. Is vocabulary a major component of the test or is knowledge in the article more relevant?

2.) Are most of the questions multiple choice, short answer, or both? And do you know how many questions there are?

3.) Are you able to provide any sample test questions? Or are the multiple choice questions provided in the study guides similar to questions on the test?

Thank you for your questions. Here are some answers to help your students prepare for the tests.

1. Vocabulary is included to help the students understand the current events articles. We often use the vocabulary in the phrasing of questions on the tests. Knowledge of the articles is more relevant than vocabulary.
2. All the questions on the subject tests (except for Logic) are multiple choice questions on the diocesan-level tests. We sometimes use short-answer and fill-in questions for tie-breakers, but only on the national-level tests.
3. A sample test will be included in the final current events study guide from Education Test Creators and will cover articles from all the current events study guides. It will consist of a 50-question multiple choice test, in the same format as the actual test. Multiple choice quizzes included in the study guides are also a good source to study.