We have a question simply about the form for submitting the answers during the Logic Test. There was some confusion last year and a team that finished well ahead of the other teams (in other subject areas) did not even place in the Logic Test. So the thought is that they must have made errors recording their answers on the answer form. Is there a way that with the study materials you could include a blank answer form so that we can be sure students know how you want the answers reported?

In the logic study guide, available from https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Education-Test-Creator, there are practice tests and accompanying blank logic master answer sheets. Have the decathletes practice writing their answers on the master answer sheet when they take the practice tests. Only answers on the master team answer sheet are scored for the purposes of the Logic Test at the competition. Also, make sure the decathletes record their answers completely on the master team answer sheet. Every year, several teams are not awarded any points for particular questions because they fail to fill in all the blanks. This is especially true for Sudoku and cryptogram puzzles. Pay attention to whether partial credit is given for a problem. If not, the team must have a complete and correct answer for any points to be awarded. For more tips on the logic test and studying for the Academic Decathlon, please download the free coaching handbook, available at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Education-Test-Creators.

The Bad Arguments book has additional fallacies not in the study guide (E.G., Circular Reasoning, Hasty Generalization). Also, some of the fallacies between the guide and the book seem to use different terms for the same fallacy. Do the students only need to know the fallacies in the study guide?

The decathletes only need to know the logical fallacies listed on the resource guide/study guide.

I have a question regarding problem #13 on the Logic Practice Test #2 from the Logic Study Guide. For problem#13-E - the answer includes K & L that are in 3 circles but the question is two circles. Problem #13 - F - the answer does not include D & E which look like they are in both the small triangle and the extended triangle - much like H, K & P are included in the answer. Would you explain the answer?

For problem#13 E- The question does not restrict the answer to only two circles therefore the letters circled by more than two circles, such as K & L, satisfy the requirement because the letters are included in at least two circles. Problem#13 F- the answer should included D & E, as well as H, K & P.

On 2017 Logic Practice Test #1, Question # 10, the number in the bottom left square in the second figure of the pattern sequence should be "3", not "7".