The DK Smithsonian Space! book is available for purchase through scholastic books, Barnes and Noble and Target (store website) in the U.S. and DK Publishing at https:/// It is also available as an e-book at all of these sites and on E-book apps are available to download for free on any App store site.
The revised ISBN numbers for the book are:
  • ISBN-10: 1465438068
  • ISBN-13: 978-1465438065

Study guide review questions on Io, page 38, question #8, the diameter of Io is larger than the diameter of the Moon.
Study guide review question on Eclipses, page 28, question #5, the question should be the color of the moon during a lunar eclipse, not a solar eclipse.
Quiz #6, question #4, the question should ask "What was the first spacecraft to land on the surface of Venus?" (Answer: Venera 7)